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7 Workout Music Mixes on YouTube That Don’t Suck!

Posted by Cool Gym Shit on
7 Workout Music Mixes on YouTube That Don’t Suck!

If you’ve ever searched YouTube for workout music, you’ll know that every god damned music mix has the same title: “Best Gym Workout Music Mix Ever!”

Even the ones that suck big time...

There’s nothing worse than sitting at the gym ready to workout but having to search through the bullshit headlines that end up being music mixes for rave parties and frat boys.

So save yourself some time and headaches by adding these to your YouTube playlists.


Wait? You can save playlists on YouTube? SPOILER, yes! Here's how...

  1. Click the + Save button underneath the YouTube video

        2. Then just save to a folder to use when you go to the gym

You’re welcome.

Now, here are the top 7 (vetted) workout music mixes that are worth adding to your YouTube folder.


#1 Respect the G.O.A.T. by GANGSTER SEDAN 




#2 Best Gym Workout Music 2022 by MUSCLE HOUSE:


#3 Best Workout Music Mix 2022 Musique d’entrainement



#4 Best Old School Hip Hop & Rap Gym Workout Music Mix 2022 by  Shredded Nation



#5 Fitness/Gaming Motivational Music 2022 by NKP349


#6 New Gym Training Motivation Music Mix 2017 by Gym Workout Motivation Music

#7 Best Motivational Music Mix 2019 by Thug Radio

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