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Alex Hermozi’s $100 Million Diet. Why Food Fads Are Bullshit….

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Alex Hermozi’s $100 Million Diet. Why Food Fads Are Bullshit….

If you don’t know who he is, Alex Hormozi is a fitness entrepreneur who’s growing list of companies are generating him around $100 million in annual revenue.

By the age of 32... 

Alex is the definition of self-made both financially and physically. Literally, He’s one of the most jacked guys on the planet. And he’s smart as shit.

In this insanely useful video, Alex breaks down the only video you need to know about fad diets and what nutrition metrics to pay attention to for muscle growth and weight loss.

Who the Hell is Alex Hormozi?

Alex Hormozi is a first-generation Iranian-American entrepreneur, investor, and philanthropist. In 2013, he started his first brick & mortar gym business. Within three years, he successfully scaled his business to six locations. After that experience, he packaged his gym launch process into a licensing model which scaled to over 4000+ locations in 4 years.

Over that same four-year period, he founded and scaled three other companies to $120M+ in cumulative sales across four different industries (software, service, e-commerce, and brick & mortar) without taking on outside capital.

He has scaled and exited 7 companies. His most notable exit was his majority sale of his licensing company for $46.2M in 2021. He did all of this before the age of 32. And all the while, managed getting jacked as shit.

Here’s The Hermozi's Full Success Story:


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