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[Finally Revealed] How Old School Bodybuilders Actually Trained

Posted by Cool Gym Shit on
[Finally Revealed] How Old School Bodybuilders Actually Trained


Trying to get advice on body building is a total pain in the ass...

Whether you’re looking for “the perfect” workout program, deciding how many days of the week to train (without overtraining), and getting the right diet advice is annoyingly hard to get in one place. If not impossible.

Finally, today it is all explained. Thanks to this guy…  

Peter Khatcherian is a body building educator with a YouTube channel that breaks down bodybuilding principles. His channel currently has over 16 million views…

Peter has been training for over a decade, has competed in Men's Physique at a national level, author and personal trainer. Needless to say, Peter has spent a lot of time with bodybuilders and just released a video breaking down the diet and training program deployed by old school bodybuilders.

In this video Peter covers the myths of overtraining, training split days versus working out one muscle group per day, and the exact formula old-school bodybuilders used to get jacked af.

If you’ve ever been annoyed at all of the conflicting body-building advice floating around the internet. You definitely want to check out Peter’s recent video explaining in detail how bodybuilders in the 70s grew consistent gains in a world without all the supplements, workout apps, and fitness gurus that all have different opinions.  

Warren Buffet once said: “what we learn from history is that people don’t learn from history.”

Don’t make that mistake with your workout program. Check out Peter’s video!




PS. Here's a link to Peter K’s full body building workout:

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