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Copy Simeon Panda's Brutal Arm Workout!

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Copy Simeon Panda's Brutal Arm Workout!

With over 17 million social media followers, Simeon Panda has earned his place as one of the biggest (literally) fitness influencers around the world. And it’s not particularly surprising as to why….



Everyone around the world wants to copy his fitness formula. And today you can too! Simeon Panda posted a video walking you through his step by step arm day workout routine.


But first…Who the Hell is Simeon Panda?

Originally from London, Simeon Panda is a sports model, personal trainer and now fitness influencer and business owner. He owns the fitness brands SP Aesthetics, Elimin8 and Just Lift.

Today, he's one of the biggest names in fitness. But it wasn't always that way...


Simeon Panda's Insane Body Transformation...

Simeon began lifting weights back in 2002, and his persistent efforts transformed his scrawny appearance into the muscular hall of fame.

He's since appeared on the covers of magazines like Muscle Mag, Train and Fitness RX. Simeon Panda, who was well-known for competing in the Musclemania professional body building tournament and capturing hearts all over the world, took home the European championship in 2013.

Ever since he began lifting in 2002. His physical transformation has been an inspiration to millions.
















Today nearly 3 million people subscribe to his YouTube Channel for tips on how to grow serious muscle mass. All you have to do is follow his routine...

In one of his popular episodes for example, Panda breaks down his exact secret to growing bigger biceps is all about incorporating high intensity and volume on arm day. High reps pyramiding to increasingly higher and more challenging weights. Watch the full exercise clip below.

 Copy Simeon Panda's massive arm workout...



Simeon Panda's Massive Arm Workout Routine!




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