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Why is Beachbody’s Stock Plummeting?

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Why is Beachbody’s Stock Plummeting?

Beachbody was taken public last year and their stock has since plummet over 80%. The company was forced to reduce staff by 10% amid continuing revenue decreases.

While the brand is highly visible and well known, the financial performance of their stock .

Here’s what we know…


So What is BeachBody’s Stock Price?

Beachbody’s stock is trading below a dollar, down from it’s $15 per share high in 2021, leaving many wondering;  what is happening behind the scenes of one of the biggest fitness brands in the world?

Everyone knows BeachBody as the maker of the hit P90X get fit quick home workout video series in 2004. They sold 5 million copies…

Fast forward to 2015 the company began quietly amassing a giant library (Beachbody on Demand) of home work out streaming content for their nearly 3 million content subscribers (basically a Netflix for at home fitness videos)

But then something happened…

In 2021 they pivoted their business model, their plan was to take on of all companies,  Peloton.




Beachbody Goes Public to Compete With Peloton?

In June 2021 Beachbody went public on the New York Stock Exchange in a merger with exercise bike maker Myx Fitness and Forest Road Acquisition Corp.

Because Myx Fitness makes a very well-received indoor cycle (the MYX) that emerged as a direct competitor, Peloton.

The goal of the merger was to build the new company into a direct competitor to Peleton by combining Beachbody’s fast-growing digital subscription business and library of live and on-demand workout classes with Myx’s touchscreen-equipped exercise bike, (and a cheaper alternative to Peloton).

Myx’s exercise bike is listed at $1,299 on its website, compared to $1,895 for the lowest-priced Peloton bike package.

To accelerate profitability, reduce cash use from operations by approximately $110 million, and strengthen its competitive position, the company, which went public in June 2021 after a three-way merger, is implementing a “One Brand” strategy.


Who is Selling More? BeachBody or Peloton?

Considering Peloton generated $4.02 billion in revenue (a 120% increase year over year) against Beachbody’s $930 million 2021 sales (that’s around 95,000 connected bikes).

It’s safe to say Peloton is currently winning the cycle race.


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