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[Playlist] Songs That Will Make You Feel Like a Peaky Fookin' Blinder.

Posted by Cool Gym Shit on
[Playlist] Songs That Will Make You Feel Like a Peaky Fookin' Blinder.


The man, the myth the legend.

There's no bigger alpha male then Thomas fookin Shelby.

I mean, what's not to love about his classy old British accent, impeccable style, and totally badass gangster instincts?


The Awesome Qualities of a Thomas Shelby... 

1. He's Stylish as Fuck

You'll never catch Shelby in public without a suit.

That's for damn sure...



2. He's Stoic As Fuck

Thomas Shelby takes on a Marcus Aurelius level of responsibility with no complaints at all and looks like a boss while doing it.

You will never see him hesitating to make life altering decisions while maintaining a manly composure and a medieval level of old-school chivalry.



3. He's Charming as Fuck

Did I mention he also he has the ability to charm the shit out of anyone he meets?

Plus, he’s a man of his fookin word. 

 Cus he's a fookin legend. 




Shelby doesn’t wastes words and is never seen fooling around & laughing.


In other words; 

In today's increasingly despiteful pathetic world of weak and cowardly people, be a Thomas fookin Shelby!


Summon your inner Peaky (fookin) Blinder with this playlist: 


The Original Peaky (fookin) Blinders:

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