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The Boy Crisis (Finally Explained) – Why America is Producing Weak Men

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The Boy Crisis (Finally Explained) – Why America is Producing Weak Men


Global suicide rates for men are skyrocketing.

Mass shootings, premature death rates, and fatherless homes are all on the rise.

In fact, today there are 18.4 million children (1 in 3 kids in the US) who live in homes without their biological fathers. 

(That’s enough children to fill New York City twice or Los Angeles four times over)...

For the first time in American history, our sons will have less education than their fathers.

There is a growing crisis that's created a series of troubling consequences. 

The suicide crisis...

As boys become men, their suicide rates go from equal to girls to six times that of young women.

On average, there are 130 suicides per day.

The rate of suicide is highest in middle-aged white men whose deaths account for 70% of suicide deaths.


Suicide in the United States - Wikipedia


It's a crisis of sexuality...

Sex is a minefield for young men. They're bombarded with mixed messages, afraid of being either too sensitive or not sensitive enough.

75% of adults polled believe there are only 2 genders. The other 25% identify with over 72 other genders... 

With regards to pornography, PornHub now gets more monthly web traffic than Netflix. They also revealed their most popular searched category on the site is “hentai” — a type of Japanese anime. 

So apparently, the young men who aren't having sex, are jerking off to cartoons...

Top 10 Best Hentai Anime List [Best Recommendations]​

There’s a crisis of fathering.

As previously mentioned there are 18.5 million children who are forced to grow up without their fathers, which has in return led to the United States owning the title of the world’s leader in fatherlessness. 

Boys with less-involved fathers are more likely to drop out of school, drink, do drugs, become delinquent, and end up in prison. 

There's no room for doubt that America is experiencing an unprecedented fatherless crisis. 80% of single-parent homes are led by single mothers.

This staggering statistic has not only destroyed the nuclear family but has devastated communities across the nation.

For example, 85% of children and teens with behavioral disorders come from fatherless homes, and over 70% of all adolescent patients in drug and alcohol treatment centers originate from homes without fathers. 

One out of 3 kids in the US live in a home without their biological father...


Devastation from Fatherless Homes Soars! Where is the Church? – Dr. Lloyd  Stebbins


It's a crisis of purpose...

A traditional man’s old senses of purposes, being a warrior, a leader, or a sole breadwinner, are fading.

Many men today are experiencing a "purpose void," feeling alienated, withdrawn and addicted to immediate gratification. Compounding this issue are addicting video games that lead to distraction and ADHD. And often subsequently medicated…

Masculinity in "modern" society is deemed toxic. It's permeating every aspect of culture. 


Toxicfemininity memes. Best Collection of funny Toxicfemininity pictures on  iFunny Brazil


Watch a movie from the 80s and then watch a movie today. You will notice the depiction of the father figure in the 80s movie is a strong man. The movie from today will show a weak emotional man if not a complete useless idiot. 

Masculinity isn't a problem. The lack of masculinity is the problem. 





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